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19300 South Harbor Drive

P.O. Box 1227

Ft. Bragg, CA 95437

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We're located in Ft. Bragg, California with a dockside location on the south side of the Noyo river. We perform boat engine work, any engine.. from outboards, I/O, to big diesels. We specialize in parts and any material that you need. We are a supplier for every major brand, and some not so major marine brand names, for all your needs. We offer a full line of high quality marine clothing gear. And if you'd like a quick good tasting snack, yes there's our snackbar.

We have a complete dock/set ofways for hauling out vessels adjacent to our own dockside facility. We can do carpentry, fiberglassing, painting, prep work; anything your boat needs.

If there is a problem of any kind on a boat or boat trailer we can help. If you'd like our advice on a particular problem you're having, we would be happy to venture an opinion, just e-mail us, we will get back to you.

Boat problem?. Here are some of the most common little problems which you can occasionally solve yourself. Also, here are a few preventative maintainence things you should do to keep your boat running at its best. If you've got something to add, we welcome good ideas just e-mail us.

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